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Q&A with Mimi & Dottie® Founder/CEO and Lead Stylist, Rebecca Davis

Can you tell me about your product mix at Mimi & Dottie®?

We offer a great selection of fashion-forward and classic women's clothing that will soon become your favorite looks. We design and produce our own jewelry in our studio in Downtown Franklin, Tennessee and we also carry many other unique designers that I have discovered from all over the United States and the world. More than 85% of the jewelry we offer is handmade and you will find many that are one of a kind.  Our other products include leather and vegan leather handbags, hats and beauty products.


Will you share some of the differences between Mimi & Dottie® and your other boutique, JONDIE®?

I kind of think of JONDIE® as Mimi & Dottie's big sister. The two brands grew up together and we are so proud to have expanded and opened Mimi & Dottie® in Historic Downtown Franklin, Tennessee. It just made sense for me to give the Mimi & Dottie® brand its own space. I wanted to provide a shop for the women who love Mimi & Dottie® jewelry and who were gravitating towards certain styles that JONDIE® offered that were more tailored or city chic in style. Mimi & Dottie® may be the little sister, but she has her own grown-up and unique style. 


I understand your background is in jewelry design, graphic design and retail. Tell us about that and how your career has evolved as a boutique owner?

As a young girl I always dreamed of being in fashion. I have designed jewelry since I was 16 and developed my own jewelry brand when I was in college. Being a Creative Director in charge of branding, magazine design, web design as well as the buyer and designer for an online store for an international women's organization was an amazing and fun career for me for 17 years. Becoming an entrepreneur and going back to professional  jewelry design and owning my own brick and mortar store was the best transition I could have ever made. I have always loved what I do, but now I have an even bigger passion for it because I see how the guests in our boutiques love the products and love our team members as much as I do. I am very serious about working hard to make sure that we keep our fingers on the pulse of the best trends while offering classic pieces that can take you from season to season. 



What do you love most about owning businesses in Downtown Franklin?

Having Mimi & Dottie® and JONDIE® a block from each other is so perfect for me. It is wonderful to be a part of such a vibrant and exciting community. I love our neighbors and local friends and I also find it so exciting to meet and get to know visitors from all over the world who stop in our shops. I have a real love for travel and experiencing other cultures, so it is fun for me to be able to share a bit of our southern hospitality, our story, Franklin's story and recommend other places for visitors to see and enjoy.

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