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Ways to Wear Your Wrap Necklace

One of the most popular trends right now is the wrap necklace. At Mimi and Dottie we offer many different styles - beads, leather, semiprecious stones, and more.

Our most popular wrap necklace is this semiprecious stone wrap that you can purchase on our site. This piece can be worn in so many different ways, at different lengths too.

You can wear this semiprecious stone wrap as a choker or as a pendant, photographed above. Just tie a simple knot in the back and it will lay in the middle of your top.

Another option is to be worn as a wrap bracelet. Balance the stone in the middle of your wrist, then wrap each side evenly, and tie the vegan leather in the back in a knot.

We love how versatile this piece can be. You could wear it a different way every day of the week! Head to our shopping page to pick which semiprecious stone wrap to add to your closet.

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